Comanche 4

Comanche 4

Comanche 4 is perhaps the best helicopter game I have ever played
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Comanche 4 is perhaps the best helicopter game I have ever played. The game is kind of old right now and compared to graphical standards from this days, it is quite obsolete. Still, back then, the game proved to be fun for uncountable hours at the time. What is really great, or was, about this game is the way that you can achieve control of your helicopter. The user has to use the mouse to move the helicopter around and shoot either missiles or the cannons. But I recall being extremely accurate using it. I could destroy whatever I wanted, and not because the game were easy, but because I could really connect to the controllers. Graphics were great, too. The missions were fun and long. There were plenty of enemies to take care of. There were infantry soldiers, tanks, helicopters, buildings, and more. All of them would fire back, of course. The helicopters that you flew weren't really customizable but there were some kind of level-ups that you could achieve throughout this great-looking game.

José Fernández
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